Monday, 8 November 2010

The shop in November

We have got some lovely lights from Blaze-On and have filled our top shelves with them as well as displaying many of them around the shop. Blaze -On is a really fab company. Blaze-On supports 10 families in Thailand and is based on fair trade to all. The lights will last for 10 years.

I have found these teapots that I really like. I have got a bit of a thing about a teapot and the whole tea making process and the choc digestives that you have to have with the tea, mmmm. These teapots are for sale in the shop for £22 so please ring us on 10726 833099 if you'd like one.
This is how the shop is looking now my lovvies, crammed full. Please come and visit and have a cup of tea with us.


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