Friday, 29 October 2010

An Update for 2010

I haven't been writing by blog for quite a few years as I was concentrating on my website (now disfunct) but now I am here and back for good!!

I am decorating lots of hearts that I sell in the shop. Some of these are very loving and say nice things about mums, dads, and sisters and brothers. But a good bunch of them mention things like hairy backs, hairy bottoms, dangerous feet and squabbling brothers and sisters.

I have also painted some x rated ones that only those who have strong hearts but I keep them hidden 'out back'

I can do all sorts of commissions and will include some photos of the plates, bowls, cups, hearts and stars that I use. You can have a pre-existing picture or I can make you up a new one.

My little love tokens start at £1.95 and the highest I charge for my work is £15 for a plate

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